Workforce Programs

Workforce Programs

Overcoming Employment Obstacles

Supported Employment

Goodwill SOLAC’s Supported Employment Program enables our participants to work at various companies in the manufacturing, retail, warehousing, hospital and product manufacturing industries. This program allows for individuals to work at an employer site to fulfill contract services to the company’s specifications while also assisting the company in meeting its “bottom line.”

Our Supported Employment Program layers in a job coach to supervise this group at no extra cost to the employer. Positions can be part-time or full-time in a variety of industries and work settings.

If you are or know of someone who is affiliated with Harbor Regional Center, South Central Regional Center,  Orange County Regional Center or the Department of Rehabilitation and is interested in employment, or if you’re an employer interested in hiring an individual to work part-time or full-time, contact our Workforce Development Department at (562) 435-3411, ext. 263. To view our brochure, click here. Employers if you would like to know more, click here.

My Sister’s Keeper

Developed by the City of Long Beach Department of Human Services, this program provides services for human trafficking survivors. Goodwill SOLAC, along with partner agencies that include, The City of Long Beach Office of the City Prosecutor, Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center, Gems Uncovered, and California State University Long Beach Center for Health Equity Research provides the survivors with many critical services. Services include Counseling & Trauma Therapy, Court Advocacy, Tattoo Removal, Human Trafficking Awareness Workshops, Career Readiness, Employment Services, and Food & Transportation Services. All services are provided in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. For more information contact Gems Uncovered at 562-912-4992 or via email at [email protected] or click here.

Long Beach Multi-Service Center (Serving the Homeless Community)

Life Skills and Employment

Preparation Program

Goodwill’s Life Skills and Employment Preparation Program is a 2-week program aimed at enhancing quality of life while creating balance in various areas of the participant’s life, including counseling, transitional and permanent housing assistance, and job placement services.

Job Placement Services

Job Placement Services at the Multi Services Center works with individuals who have barriers to employment The Career Coach works closely with community-based organizations and local employers to establish diverse employment opportunities. Opportunities can be offered in multiple industries (ie. healthcare, security, customer service, general staffing, etc.).

Life Coaching & Fundamentals of Fatherhood

The City of Long Beach is a large, active and diverse city and we strive to create places and spaces that are welcoming for all residents in our community. We invite you to join our movement to create a Father Friendly Long Beach for all! The City of Long Beach is encouraging businesses, agencies and organizations to implement father friendly policies and practices that make places and spaces better for the whole family. This campaign works to acknowledge the important role that fathers play in their child’s life; fathers are caregivers, nurturers and role models to their children. Let’s empower and celebrate our dads by building a supportive community that will let fathers, their children and the whole Long Beach community thrive!